What is it?

Studio E is a program offered free of charge, courtesy of Lundbeck, to individuals living with the challenges of epilepsy. This six-week group therapy program is designed to offer a safe and creative outlet for both adults and children, providing a unique experience that can’t be missed. Studio E participants create art using a variety of mediums, such as paints, sketches, collages, and sculpts. The sessions are led by a professional art therapist using an open studio model, which promotes freedom of expression and open sharing. Previous art experience or “perceived” talent is not necessary. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to explore individual creativity. 

Why Art?

Across the country, people living with epilepsy turn to art therapy to increase self-awareness, develop coping mechanisms, and enjoy the life-affirming pleasure of making art. Participant feedback to the program has been overwhelmingly positive, with 96 percent of participants agreeing that they found the program valuable. More than 80 percent provided positive feedback on the various elements of the program, most notably praise for program facilitators, willingness to engage, increased self-expression, and increased confidence level.

More Information

Studio E: The Epilepsy art Therapy Program is for people with various types of epilepsy and at different stages of their epilepsy journey. Participants include those with daily seizures, those with less frequent seizures, and some whose seizures are controlled. Some are confident, others struggle with stigma. Studio E offers a unique way for people with epilepsy to socialize with others and open up honestly about daily challenges in a trusting, expressive environment. All ages are welcome; classes are offered for children, teens, and adults. 

Studio E is made possible through the generosity of an ongoing partnership with Lundbeck, a pharmaceutical company committed to helping people with epilepsy. To learn more about the Studio E program or to see artwork generated during previous programs, visit: YourPartnerInEpilepsy.com.

Click here for pictures of past sessions and completed pieces!


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6:00 - 7:00 PM

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