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Cara Meyer, 2013

Cara Meyer, 2013

The CaraBear Project celebrates the life of Cara Meyer, affectionately known as “CaraBear.” From tragedy to triumph, the Meyer Family commemorates Cara's legacy through the CaraBear Project. 

Cara’s Story
Carolina Lynn Meyer (Cara) was a healthy 3 year old girl when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. Initially, she experienced hundreds of seizures each day. Doctors did their best to control the seizures, yet were unable to find answers. Over the course of her treatment, the seizures became less frequent. Despite her challenges, Cara became a pint-sized pillar of her community: she was a cheerleader, a beauty queen and a beam of light to all who knew her.

In March of 2015, the shooting star’s trail faded away as Cara experienced severe complications due to her epilepsy.  But the light of her eyes and smile still burns bright in our hearts.

Cara Meyer set the world alight.

Cara touched the hearts of many and will never be forgotten. The Meyer family hopes to celebrate Cara by sharing her inspiring cheer and love through the CaraBear Project. The adorably crafted plush CaraBear symbolizes hope for the future and provides comfort, one hug at a time.

Join the Meyer family and Epilepsy Foundation Ohio in celebration of Cara. Proceeds from each CaraBear sold will go to support the programs and services of the Epilepsy Foundation,  with the hope that individuals like Cara may have the chance to overcome epilepsy.

Help a child in need by donating your plush bear to a local hospital! Select donate under shipping specifications during checkout.