Lemonade For Livy

Lemonade for Livy raises epilepsy awareness and supports the Epilepsy Foundation’s work to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives through lemonade stands and parties. The campaign brings people from around the world together to give hope to those with epilepsy and their families. The event occurs yearly and continues to grow in size and impact. This program runs year round, with a special promotion in July.

Register today and send your page to all of your friends and family. You have a much higher chance of surpassing your goal if you fundraise online as well as at your stand.

Join us

Register to hold a lemonade stand in honor of Livy or someone you know with epilepsy.

When you register, you will receive:

·  A fundraising webpage to collect donations online from people near and far!

·  Access to graphics files and a Starter Kit with tips for success and fundraising ideas. 

·  Email updates and support leading up to your event to help you have a successful and fun lemonade stand!