Managing epilepsy can be frustrating. Sometimes, seizures make it hard to work, go to school, drive and take part in social activities. Sometimes epilepsy treatment makes these activities harder, too. Learning self-management skills can help you take control of your health and cope with day-to-day challenges.

Self-management does not mean you manage your health alone. Self-management requires an active partnership between a person with epilepsy, their family or friends and the health care provider. Each one plays an important role in epilepsy self-management.

Below are some tools you can use to manage your epilepsy.  If you have any questions about these tools, contact us.

New Patient Packets for Adults or Parents

We offer free packets for neurologist to pass out in their offices to adults or parents who are new to epilepsy.  You are welcome to a packet, whether you are new to epilepsy or not.  If you would like a packet, or you are a doctor's office that would like to start distributing packets, contact us using the button here. 

My Seizure Diary

My Seizure Diary is a self-management tool for seizures and epilepsy that helps you self-monitor and track your seizures and other symptoms, manage medication and other therapies, recogne triggers and health events that may affect seizures and communicate with your care providers. Use My Seizure Diary to organize your health history, develop seizure response plans and help you remember medicines and

WebEase: Epilepsy Support, Awareness and Education

WebEase is an interactive, on-line self-management program for people with epilepsy. The goal of WebEase is to support and foster the management of epilepsy by people with epilepsy. WebEase was developed by a team of Emory University researchers and physicians who treat patients with epilepsy.