Seizure Training at Your Site

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

These free, interactive courses are available, taught by our educator, at your site.                     

To book a program, just give us a                        call at 937-233-2500. 

The following seizure trainings are available:

Seizure Training for School Personnel

This included teachers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, administrators and more.  Course modules include:

  • Seizure and Epilepsy Basics
  • Seizure Types and First Aid
  • Seizure Triggers and Precipitants
  • Seizures in School DVD
  • Providing Academic and Social Support

Seniors and Seizures: Training for Long-term Caregivers

Unfortunately, having epilepsy later in life poses additional problems in treatment because of age-related issues and use of other medications. It also increases the risk of falls, broken bones and a loss of independence.

Those who care for seniors in long term care and assisted living facilities need training about epilepsy, seniors and seizure first aid.  For this program, our educator will come to your site to offer free education to your staff. 

Seizure Training for Daycare Workers

Just as in schools for children age K-12, daycare workers need to be able to provide a safe environment for a child who has seizures or epilepsy.  

Seizure Training for Police and EMS

Police and EMS are faced with difficult situations every day.  Add to this that complex partial seizures may be erroneously perceived as combativeness and that seizures cause involuntary and unconscious actions.  Following a seizure, a person typically is fatigued and dazed. We also know that restraint of persons soon after a seizure may exacerbate or precipitate combativeness.  These symptoms may include screaming, running, flailing or unnatural looking movements of the arms or legs, spitting, shouting and abusive statements. Again, all of these are involuntary and unconscious manifestations of seizures.

We offer specialized training for police and EMS about how to recognize seizures and how to appropriately respond to them in a sway that protects the community and the person who has epilepsy.  Again, this training is free and offered at your site. 

General Seizure Training

We offer basic seizure training to any group, including employers, civic groups, congregations, etc. free of charge at your location.