A Furry Helper for Emalyne

The journey was long and difficult for all involved, but this June, Emalyne Wolfe, affectionately known as Emma, found her way to a new lifestyle with the promise of improved safety and enhanced companionship. Emma is like any other lively, smiley, “hug- giving” little girl, except the difference between Emma and other children is that Emma suffers from seizures due to Dravet Syndrome—a severe form of epilepsy. In 2014, the EFWO partnered with Emma’s family and friends to help this sweet little girl by generating the funds needed for a service dog.

Over the next two years, members of the community stepped up to help raise funds, including Banfield Pet Hospital, who provided a generous donation. And then on a beautiful summer day, the big moment finally arrived. Emma, her family, and the EFWO team gathered in the training room in 4 Paws for Ability to meet the newest member of the Wolfe family, Sif. The introduction was touching and beautiful. Emma, who had waited so long for this day, asked her mom several times, “All mine? This is Emma’s?” and replied to her mom’s affirmations with her charmingly contagious laugh.

Emma, her family, and Sif spent the next week in training; there is a lot of work that both the humans and dogs need to go through to ensure a successful life together. At the end of the week that was full of so much hard work, the day came for Sif to go home with her new family. A large graduation celebration was held and everyone who had worked to help this day happen got to come along to witness this unforgettable moment.

Since graduation, Emalyne and Sif have spent their days growing closer to each other, gradually getting to know the other better every day. The EFWO would like to thank each and every one of you who helped Emma find the help she needs. We wish Emma and Sif the best of luck in their journey together!

Emalyne meets her seizure dog, Lady Sif, for the first time.