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Help us get an Ohio licenSe plate to end epilepsy

We are working to get an END EPILEPSY license plate approved in Ohio— and we need your help! We need 150 ORIGINAL signatures of licensed Ohio drivers who intend to support the production of the END EPILEPSY plates. These signatures have to be on an official petition, which you can get here by clicking the giant purple button.

Petitions must be printed and fully completed, meaning each box must be filled in, signed and mailed to our office. We must have original signatures on the petitions. You must complete all the information indicated, including your car license plate number and driver’s license number. You can make as many copies of the blank petitions as you wish. Petitions with 1 or 100 signatures must be mailed to our office to be valid. A portion of each licence plate sale will come back to Epilepsy Foundation Ohio. Faxed, copied or electronically signed petitions are not considered valid by the state.

Petitions with original signatures should be mailed to: Epilepsy Foundation Ohio 11 W. Monument Ave, Suite 101 Dayton, Ohio 45402

After we get all the signatures…

a member of the Ohio legislature has agreed to take this to the legislature for approval on our behalf. With legislative approval, we’ll receive a schedule for when the plates will become available. We’ll jump up and down on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and send out an email to let folks know when it’s coming. If you’re not on our email list, sign up below.

The plate may be a little different that the picture here, but this is what we’re submitting to the state.