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Online Support Groups for Adults Living with epilepsy and parents living with a child with epilepsy

Why join?

Support groups offer a safe environment to talk about the challenges epilepsy brings as well as a way to share success stories and to spread hope. Consider joining one of our online support groups (facilitated through Facebook) to talk to people that may be in a situation similar to yours.

Online Support Groups

Online support groups allow you to get support without waiting for a physical group.  These groups are closed and open only to those who have a connection to epilepsy. 

Important: When you ask for join the group, you are required to answer 2 questions.  If you do not answer them, we will decline your request. 

This is so we can assure the group is truly serving those who have epilepsy, parents of children who have epilepsy or family and friends of those affected.  No selling or personal fundraising is allowed in the groups.