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The goal in epilepsy care is to control seizures.  Unfortunately, not everyone can reach that goal.  One way to help you and your healthcare team better control you or your child’s epilepsy is to track your seizures.

Knowing what happens during a seizure and how often they occur are two important seizure details.  And we’re learned many people who have epilepsy have seizures they don’t know they’ve had.

Some advantages to seizure tracking are:

·         Helping figure out what type of seizures you (or your child) have

·         Helping your care team learn what medicines or other treatments may work best for you

·         Track what side effects you may have from medicines and help your doctor understand how you are tolerating medications

·         See if side effects get better over time or when a dose is changed

·         Learn your seizure triggers so you can learn to better control your seizures.  This includes factors such as not sleeping well, missing medication, stress or being sick with a fever.

Share Your Diary

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When you make your next appointment with your neurologist or epileptologist, tell the person you talk to on the phone that you need extra time to show the doctor your seizure diary and talk about it.  Take the diary with you to your appointment.  This is an extremely valuable tool for your care team to work with you to improve your control.

Seizure Diaries

To track your seizures, you may want to use a seizure diary.  Seizure diaries can be online or written down systems to help you keep track of different factors to understand your epilepsy better.  Some seizure diaries you can use are are below. Click on any tool to be linked to more information.

My Seizure Diary

My Seizure Diary helps track your seizures, medicine, side effects or triggers.

Texting 4 Control  

Designed to help track when you have seizures and it’s time to take medicines.

Seizure Tracker 

Another online seizure diary that lets you track seizures electronically, add videos of seizures and share your information with others!

Paper/pencil tracking

Many people prefer tracking seizures on paper, rather than electronically. There are many forms to help you do this. 


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