Travel to Out of Area Treatment

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Photo by Nadezhda1906/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Nadezhda1906/iStock / Getty Images

Sometimes people living with epilepsy or seizure disorders have to travel to get care.  To assist, there are two funds at the national Epilepsy Foundaiton office that may be able to help with that travel.  

J Kiffin Penry Patient Travel Assistance Fund

The J. Kiffin Penry Patient Travel Assistance Fund provides reimbursement of travel expenses for eligible patients and their families who have had to travel more than 50 miles from their home to receive FDA-approved medical care and/or treatment for their epilepsy/seizure disorder, but lack adequate financial resources to meet the cost of this travel without bearing financial hardship.

Clinical Trial Patient Assistance Fund

The Epilepsy Foundation has developed this program to provide financial assistance to individuals with limited financial resources who have been accepted for enrollment in any IRB-approved clinical trial of an epilepsy therapy and have signed an informed consent form for the trial. Funding will be made available to help cover out-of-pocket costs associated with participation in these clinical trials. Eligible expenses for reimbursement will include travel expenses to the study and co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance required by the patient's health plan.